In the previous post, we have prepared Classic Crepes, as a result, we need to fill them with something delicious. We will be exploring 2 different crepe types, sweet and salted. The following ingredients are required if you prefer to try my version or fill free to experiment:

  • Nutella spread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Mascarpone
  • Prosciutto
  • Salad
  • Tomato
  • Onion

Sweet Crepe Types

It looks like starting with sweet is always the preferred choice, so how about:

  • Crepes with Nutella and Peanut Butter and/or
  • Crepes with Nutella and Banana

Sweet Crepe Types -  Nutella Spread and Fruits

Salted Crepe Types

If you do it right, this can be not only your perfect breakfast but an interesting lunch idea as well:

  • Crepes with Mascarpone, Prosciutto, Salad, Tomato
  • Crepes with Mascarpone, Salmon, Onion, Salad

Crepes with Mascarpone, Salmon, Onion and Salad

Here is a 2 minutes video tutorial to help you choose what filler is best for you. Don’t forget like and subscribe to the Food Blog &  Youtube Channel so you’ll be the first to know when a new recipe is out, we post every week!

Hope you enjoyed filling the Crepes with me, please let me know how do you find it in the comment’s section below, sending much love.

Yours Snack With Mary 🙂