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About Me

About Me

Hello and Welcome ! I am Maria. Mother of two little cuties. Wife. Sister. Food Lover. Yes, I love food, love to cook and to impress my darlings every single day. I am based in the magic wonderland – Ottawa, but most of my life I spent in lovely Tuscany, Italy and this is where it all started, the inspiration and the food addiction.

I started this blog in November, 2017 as a creative outlet for me to express my love for food, eating and cooking. Fortunately, I had the pleasure and the opportunity to try meals from best chefs and cook on my own a diversity of food originated from different countries like Russia, Italy, Lebanon, France and many many more. Who knows, maybe someday I will open a multicultural restaurant to cook for you 🙂

My ultimate goal today, is to share with you real, one of the kind, traditional food from all other the world. This not that fake, commercial blog which you used to see in magazines, good looking only on pictures. I will keep it easy and straightforward with detailed step by step, but very short, video guide for every recipe and I really hope you will share your experience with me either in comments or on social media.

You can find and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. I will be happy to hear back from you !

In this blog , I won’t limit myself only to desserts or to Italian food, you will find here a collection of day to day meals from different countries. All content posted here is cooked exclusively by me, and the recipes I personally tried and enjoyed cooking and eating.

Sincerely Yours,

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